How to order?

Check the steps of project progression throughout the whole execution process. We provide complex service – from an idea on a sheet of paper, up to the delivery at your company.


1. Inquiry
Everything starts with an idea.

Do you have a sketch, or a CAD drawing? Maybe you are in a possession of a ready product that only needs to be copied? To provide you with a meaningful quotation we will require:

  • At least a yearly quantity forecast
  • Will the product be developed further, or is it a final version
  • The usage of final product
  • Other special requirements


2. Preliminary offer
On this stage we provide you the preliminary costs of the mass production process as well as the cost of creating a necessary prototype. In the event of the necessity of producing additional tools or grips – the client will be informed and the costs will be added as a separate paragraph.


3. Project
To produce a prototype we need to prepare an implementing project for the elements and the whole assembly. On the basis of this project any eventual corrections will be added. The project is necessary to create a product with appropriate precision and on adequate machines.

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4. Prototype
To start a mass production the acceptation of the prototype is necessary. Before that, planning the production of tools and mass production of the product makes no sense.


5. Designing the technology
The process of implementing a mass production is a complex one. It involves not only setting up the software for our CNC machines, but also implementation of the product into the production monitoring system, B2B type systems, description of details and client needs involving the assembly and packing. All of this requires work from our qualified staff so that we could provide the product of the best achievable quality in the shortest possible time.

6. Quotation for the final product
The acceptance of the final quotation is the final stage before the start of the mass production. During the development of the prototype client needs often evolve what causes modifications which have to be taken into account on the final agreement. Although bigger differences between the preliminary and final offer are rather rare.

The start of a production process is intertwined with the circulation of information in our company. It involves the implementation of new descriptions, photos, supervision over the first production series, staff organization, storage preparation and many other factors. All of this is needed to provide the client with the the product of the highest quality and as fast as possible.


8. Cooperation
To provide a complex service there is often a need for additional operations, usually associated with surface servicing, such as galvanizing and chromium plating, screen printing or engraving. Thanks to our wide group of contractors, we are not restricted to our own technological capabilities and thus we can provide the client with precisely what he requires.
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9. Packing
Packing is also a technological process. Establishing the details of packing, the specific way to describe it and prepare for a later shipment or unloading is a very important task. We take into consideration all of the client needs in this area.

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We are able to provide a full logistic service of the order. Depending on the size and type of the order we can assure the delivery with our own car fleet or through the use of various courier services. We intend to provide the best possible shipment service to the client..