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We are capable of welding materials by the use of following technologies:

  • MIG welding
  • MAG
  • TIG
  • Laser welding
  • Braze welding

We perform manual welding, as well as automatized welding with industrial machines. Due to our long-term experience we are able to help our clients in choosing the best welding technology for their type of order and requirements. We are well prepared to develop equipment for both prototype and mass-type production.

We are welding according to norms:

  • PN-EN 1708-1:2010


What can we weld?
Black steel
Stainless steel
Galvanized steel


Additionally we have the ability to use the following elements:

  • Pushed in: stud-bolts, dowel pins, press nuts, quills etc.
  • Pressure welded: stud-bolts and dowel pins.
  • Riveted

Resistance welding

Resistance welding is one of the quicker methods of connecting thin metal sheets. The biggest advantage of this technology is very small processing area and low level of material invasion. The choosing of this option is dependent on structural requirements of the product. During the implementation of the project we will propose an optimal solution for the service.

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