Our products……..

Our highly qualified staff of constructors and technologists is the vital element that allows us to design a product from delivered CAD files, manual drawings or even simply from client ideas. We will design the project, as well as the technology for the product in the best way to fulfill the needs of our clients. We possess many work stands for CAD project designing, along with resistance simulation and CAM with modules for the simulation of creation process.

Our software:

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor

Utilizing our design services assures that the outcome will be according to expectations and under full supervision throughout the process of making a prototype and implementation. Also under the circumstances of the need to unexpectedly modify the project this solution is faster and more profitable.

Thanks to the successful cooperation of our construction and technology departments, the final product is made in the highest standard, and our experience allows us to provide the client with an cost-optimized proposition of the project.